Susi Kentikian vs. Susana Cruz Perez

Hamburg, Germany

WIBF/GBU world title fight 50,8 kg / 112 lbs

Susi Kentikian (Ger) vs. Susana Cruz Perez (Mexico)

Bloody world title fight over ten rounds.

Suzi had a two centimeters long and very deep cut over her right eye after a head butt in round 2.

The boxing match still went on, it was a top speed class boxing match with two super technical Girls.

At the end “Fly” Susi won by points (3:0).

Susi Kentikian GBU Champion Susi Kentikian

Eva Vorarlberger beats Teeraporn Pannimit

Wr. Neudorf, Austria

GBU/WIBF interim world title fight 52,16 kg / 115 lbs

Eva Voraberger (Austria) vs. Teeraporn Pannimit (Thailand)

Eva was in top form. Very fast series of hand and body hits against the respondent Teeraporn.

In Round 3, it was too much and the referee stopped the fight.

Winner by TKO: Eva Voraberger

Eva Voraberger im Kampf Eva-Vorberger

Stojanovic beats Voraberger!

30-05-2014 Leibnitz, Austria:

Nina Stojanovic beat Eva Voraberger by split decision to win the unified WIBF, GBU and WBF super flyweight title! Serb Stojanovic proved too fast for Voraberger.